G4 1.0 Gallon ThermoPro Brewer

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  • G4 Digital Control Module – Large, 4.3″ touch screen.
  • On-Screen Instructions – Provides fast, intuitive training; reduces service calls.
  • Built-in Self Diagnostic System – Includes real-time feedback of the brewing process and energy saving mode.
  • Advanced Scale Warning System™ – Continually monitors and advises tank probe condition.
  • Gold Cup Series™ – Digital Control Module provides precise control over all aspects of brewing: time, temperature, volume plus specialty coffee needs from pre-infusion to pulse- brewing to water bypass.
  • Pre-set, one-touch Global Recipes – Based on coffee type, grind and weight.
  • Industry’s most effective mineral tolerant design.
  • Encapsulated Control Board – Protects against steam, water and impact.
  • Single unit is field selectable for One, Two or Three Batch brewing.
  • Enhanced Recovery Circuitry – Boosts performance on 220V/single phase models.
  • Dispensers sold separately.
  • Professional Installation Required; Dedicated Water Line And Power Supply (Not Included) Within 4'-6' Of Brewer. Single -- 120V Cord And Plug Included. Twin-- Cord and Plug Not Included.

Brew Capacity

@120V:4.5 GAL/HR/ @220V: 7.5 Gal/HR (SINGLE)

@220V: 15.0/21.0 GAL/HR (TWIN)


24.75"H x 11.13"W x 20.75"D (SINGLE)

24.75"H X 20.13"W" X 20.63"D (TWIN)


120/220V, 13.8/12.2A, 1650/2700W, 2/3W+G (SINGLE)

220V, 23.0/34.5A, 5100/7600W, 3W+G (TWIN)

Water 3/8" Flare

$ 2,300.00


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